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I was born in 1984 in Naples [IT].

I work mainly in the fields of visual communication and web design, but I also have good experience in those of product design, photography, illustration, videomaking and event management. I believe design has an actual impact on society as a whole and, beyond designing objects, I am particularly interested in designing practices.

I also have a strong interest for design theories, particularly for what concerns the fields of design historiography, museology and didactics. While carrying on my research interests I consider essential to deal with disciplines such as art history, philosophy, anthropology, semiotics, visual studies, material culture studies and new media studies.

I’m particularly skilled in writing, in fulfilling bibliographical and archival researches and in the processes of managing, curating and displaying contents. I can work both individually and in team and I’m able to easily adapt myself to new work environments.


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Mobile: +39 339 7867319
Skype: holymau


VOCE, Call for Criticism, Futuroscopio, Weme, Vimeo, Issuu


AUT, Elisa Calore, Matteo Catacchio, Francesca Coluzzi, Rosaria Copeta, Maddalena Dalla Mura, Caterina Giuliani, Silvio Lorusso, Roberto Picerno


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