Fanatic Collaborative Magazine

In April 2012, during the Milan Furniture Fair, I took part to the organizing team of Fanatic Collaborative Magazine, an open workshop on self-production and collaborative practices in the publishing field. FCM took place within the frame of Making Together, a wider event fostered by Logotel in which the growing role of collaboration in contemporary society was investigated through formats such as installations, exhibitions, workshops and public debates.

With a strong reference to the means of expressions of ’70s and ’80s youth subcultures, FCM was an experiment in getting common people involved with simple design processes, those for the production of a small fanzine, from the acquisition and the editing of the contents up to the printing and bending operations.

The workshop was set up as an assembly line split into several stages, each one equipped with specific tools; introduced to those numbered steps, people attending FCM were involved in experimenting with the fanzine format through their own interests and viewpoints. Participation by small groups was incouraged to further collaborative interactions between participants.