«Every representation of the future is a project: it contains the intentions, the hopes and the values of an epoch at a potential level, bringing all these factors to the extreme consequences. Future’s scenarios are at the same time projects and tools of analysis for the present». (Futuroscopio, 2010)

Futuroscopio is a collective query about the future in a time when the very idea of future seems to be in crisis. Can the analysis of the imagined futures bring to the definition of new future’s scenarios? Is it useful to understand the causes of their failure in order to interpret our present?

The project consists in a thematic blog and a one issue’s magazine designed by several students from the main italian faculties of art and design. The magazine gathers some of the blog’s contents combining them with other kinds of contributions, such as short articles, artworks’ documentations and iconographic researches, each one inquiring the future and its sceneries from a different point of view.

I contributed to Futuroscopio writing some posts and articles, managing the magazine’s structure and developing a classification system, based on a set of icons, to catalog and browse both the blog’s and the magazine’s contents.

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