Innovative Techniques
for Curved Plywood Moulding

The production district of Brianza, specialized in wood manufacturing, is widely known for its long tradition, its excellent quality standards and its unique socio-cultural context. My undergraduate thesis project in Industrial Design is the result of a three-months internship at one of Brianza’s most important firms, the Pozzi Curvati, which since the mid ’50s operates in the field of curved plywood modeling. During my internship I had the chance to deal with an actual production process since the object I designed – Klee, a multipurpose writing and drawing board – has been eventually produced by Pozzi Curvati through its own technologic resources.

As a mark of its long lasting activity, Pozzi Curvati owns a considerable collection of plywood modeling moulds, which caught my interest since the very beginning of the internship. In particular, an old three-pieces hinged mould has been fundamental to the development of my thesis project, as the piece it was designed for presented the same kind of production issues than the one I was then designing.

In 2007, I participated to the international design contest The Significant Furniture: a Piece of Furniture for Reading Places fostered by Fondazione Aldo Morelato with an adaptation of my thesis project, winning the 3rd prize.