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Project and Narrative:
Three Graphic Design Tales

2011 ¦ Video-interviews + selective anthology [IT] With Antonio Altomare and Roberto Picerno

This work consists in a series of video-interviews and an anthology of texts and images documenting several attitudes to narrative and storytelling through the tools of graphic design, belonging to a group of Italian graphic designer based mostly in the southern regions of the country. The common point of departure are the images of the territory, each time collected, interpreted and assembled through different processes and with specific narrative aims.

During the ’60s, graphic designer and photographer Mimmo Castellano experimented with the photo-novel format, organizing his own pictures of the territory into narrative sequences which transcended local boundaries to deal with universally approachable issues, such as childhood, travel and death. Graphic designer Mauro Bubbico treats the images of the territory through estranging montage techniques, extracting a series of signs and symbols from the local material and visual environment and composing them into new narrative paths, as proper “territorial alphabets”. Members of Centro Studi Torre di Nebbia, publishing house and permanent observatory on Alta Murgia geographic area, work since several years to a growing archive of the territory, through which reenacting forgotten and removed events and returning them to the land’s collective memory.

¦ Download Project and Narrative: Three Graphic Design Tale anthology from Issuu

¦ Watch Project and Narrative: Three Graphic Design Stories video-interviews on Vimeo

Some screenshots from the video-interviews: Mimmo Castellano speaks about his 1968 photo-novel Noi Vivi, in which he investigated death and its rituals through the images of local material culture.

Mauro Bubbico explains the visual references he assumed for the development of one of his projects: a set of citrus packagings commemorating people murdered by the mafia in Italy.

Nino Perrone from Centro Studi Torre di Nebbia tells about one of the researches carried out by the center, pertaining to the installation of ten atomic missile bases in the territory of Alta Murgia during the Cold War.

The anthology gathers the contents of the video-interviews and integrates them with other works from the same designers, emphasizing their singular approaches to narrative and storytelling.