Unlike Us

«The aim of Unlike Us is to establish a research network of artists, designers, scholars, activists and programmers who work on ‘alternatives in social media’. Through workshops, conferences, online dialogues and publications, Unlike Us intends to both analyze the economic and cultural aspects of dominant social media platforms and to propagate the further development and proliferation of alternative, decentralized social media software». (Geert Lovink and Korinna Patelis, Unlike Us program, 2011)

Unlike Us is an ongoing research project about social media monopolies and their alternatives, launched in 2011 by the Institute of Network Cultures of Amsterdam in cooperation with the Cyprus Institute of Technology of Limassol. We designed the visual identity of the project as well as the promotional campaign for the two first Unlike Us international conferences, held in Limassol on November 23-24, 2011 and in Amsterdam on March 8-10, 2012.

The greatest challenge of this project was to hint at the dominant social media without reference to any of them in particular. Thus we employed a synthetic style focusing on the key element on which every social media is grounded: the individual.

The Unlike Us  promo stages some characteristics of centralized social media, such as data commercialization and surveillance. The logo of the event rises from an act of awareness at the end of the video, as the starting point for a new beginning.

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