Blank on Demand

«The most beautiful and perfect book in the world is a book with only blank pages, in the same way that the most complete language is that which lies beyond all that the words of a man can say.» (Ulises Carriòn, The New Art of Making Books, 1975)

Print on Demand technology allows to produce a book without the intermediation of a publisher, setting autonomously parameters such as size, price and amount of pages. Blank on Demand is an experiment in revealing how limitations imposed by this production process actually affect the book in its materiality.

Blank on Demand consists of two volumes produced through the Print on Demand platform Both volumes are completely blank, except for the presence of the ISBN code. The measures of the books, as well as the amount of their pages, depend on the maximum and minimum printing formats available on Similarly, the prices correspond respectively to the highest and lowest allowed by Print on Demand platform.

¦  1 Hardcover volume, 15.2 × 22.9 cm, 740 pages, €999,999.99 on

¦  1 Paperback volume, 10.8 × 17.5 cm, 40 pages, €5.44 on